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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2: Colonization of North America Orders...

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Chapter 2: Colonization of North America Orders for New Discoveries (1573) – regulated colonization (Spanish) Juan de Onate KEY TERMS: St. Augustine was the first European colony in the US (1565, the Spanish), was later burned down and then restored again tobacco was the staple crop of virginia and Maryland sugar was the staple crop of the West Indies, Barbados? Heirarchal Society - body of clergy organized into successive ranks or grades with each level subordinate to the one above. Religious rule by a group of ranked clergy. Glorious Revolution – settled the issue concerning the balance of the king's powers and the power of the property holders (1688) English Civil War - a result of the power struggle between Parliament and King Charles I, ending in 1649 with the beheading of Charles I Joint Stock Company -" formed by investors to explore trade routes, establish new markets, and attract settles to Ireland " (probably not only Ireland) 1607 – Jamestown, first successful English settlement, funded by the virginia Company initially, then sustained itself by growing tobacco. john smith. ..the tyrant/savior of Jamestown Samuel Champlain - Established first successful French colony in the New World (Quebec – 1608) Company of 100 Associates – spurred colonization (French), The company recieved a charter of territory, with a monopoly in fur trade and power to establish a feudal system of land tenure United East India Company - Dutch joint-stock Company which funded exploration in the New World West India company - "In 1621, the Dutch government chartered another group, the West India company, to establish commerce and colnies in America" Henry Hudson - sent by the United East India Company to search for the Northwest Passage in 1609
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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2: Colonization of North America Orders...

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