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Chapter 10 Outline - David McHugh History Team AP US...

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David McHugh, History Team November 15, 2004 AP US History Chapter 10 Outline Key Terms: 1. “corrupt bargain” – Henry Clay allegedly conspired to hand the presidency to Adams. This suspicion was part of what caused the public to view Adams in a bad light, thus not being re-elected. 2. Rachael Jackson – Andrew Jackson’s wife, accused by his opponents that she had committed bigamy and adultery by being married to another man at the same time. 3. Andrew Jackson – 7 th President of the United States, against nullification and against the Bank of the United States. Signed the famous “tariff of abominations” in 1828 and another tariff like it in 1832. 4. John C. Calhoun – Jackson’s first vice president, advocator of nullification. 5. The Ancient Order of Masons – a fraternal organization, in the 1820’s it claimed 350 lodges in New York. This exclusive society with elaborate ritual and strict secrecy seemed to contradict the ideals of democracy. Every New York governor but one from 1804 to the late 1820s belonged to the Masons. 6. William Morgan – a member of the Masons, but then turned against the organization, publishing its secret rituals. He was then arrested and later kidnapped, and then he disappeared. Public suspicion that the Masons jailed and killed him led to resent against the Masons across the country. 7. “Antimasons” – group opposed to the Masons, became a political party devoted to the state of American politics. They had public meetings and established more than 100 newspapers. 8. Martin Van Buren – important figure in building the coalition, the “Democratic Republicans”, shortened to “Democrats”. Was the Secretary of State in Jackson’s first term and then the Vice President in Jackson’s second term. 9. “Old Hickory” – celebrated by the Jacksonian Democrats, as Jackson was supposedly as tough as a hickory tree. His opposition said that it had nothing to do with the real issues, but it won a number of voters’ attention. 10. John Eaton – Jackson’s initial Secretary of War. Known for the famous “Eaton Affair” in which his wife (Peggy O’Neal Timberlake) was rumored to have driven her first husband to suicide for financial reasons. It was also rumored that the couple had sexual relations before they were married. Jackson eventually disassociated himself with Eaton and the rest of his cabinet, when he asked his entire cabinet to resign. 11. Emily Donelson – Jackson’s daughter-in-law, refused to be in the same room with Peggy Eaton. 12. “kitchen cabinet” – Jackson’s informal group of advisors.
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Chapter 10 Outline - David McHugh History Team AP US...

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