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David McHugh February 4, 2004 World Civ. II Honors Mr. Potter Outline I - pp. 522-535 I. The setup for the American Revolution in 1776 was staged after the Seven Years War, where the new American colonists had conflicting ideas with the imposing power of the British. A. The new American government was made as a reformed version of the problematic British government, as the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government and the Bill of rights were put into place all by 1789. B. The American Revolution provided great inspiration in Europe by legitimizing revolutions as a way of government reform and by emphasizing the ideas of human rights, separation of powers, equality, freedom, and popular sovereignty. This inspiration may have indeed sparked an age of revolutions, from France to Latin America, where the USA would be the first prime example for the rest to follow. II. Great economic troubles (which are represented by the three estates, especially the condition of the third estate) and political problems (which is represented by the failure of Absolutism)
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