Wonderful presentation on "How to Give a Presentation"

Wonderful presentation on "How to Give a...

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Unformatted text preview: HOW TO DELIVER AN EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION INTRODUCTION Beginning with a great introduction Preparing for your presentation Involving your audience Delivering your presentation Ending with an awesome conclusion A POWERFUL INTRODUCTION First impressions Relax Introduce yourself & your topic Tell your audience what's in it for them PREPARING FOR YOUR PRESENTATION Proper attire Reducing tension Dietary concerns Breakfast Breakfast Snack Snack Meals Meals AUDIENCE INVOLVEMENT What is my relationship to the audience? How will you involve the audience? Ask if they have any questions VISUAL AIDS What is the purpose of a visual aid? What type of visual aid to use? What type of format will the visual aid display? What type of information will you display? Make sure handouts clearly follow the presenters information VERBAL & NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION Grammar Voice projection Storytelling Hand & facial gestures Eye contact CONCLUSION Summarize key points Give audience a call to action Thank audience Follow-up questions CONCLUSION Preparing for your presentation Audience involvement & visual aids Delivering your presentation QUESTIONS? "It is very important that you pay attention to even the smallest details when planning your presentation. You can never over plan. Remember, he who fails to plan is planning for failure." ...
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