EXSC 310 Exam 1 Review

EXSC 310 Exam 1 Review - EXSC 310 Exam 1 Review Ch 1"Deeper...

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EXSC 310 Exam 1 Review Ch. 1 “Deeper Game” The game through which sports become part of the social and cultural worlds in which we live. Ex. How being on a sports team in high school affects the way they are treated by teachers and fellow students, the way it affects their self-image and self-esteem, future relationships, opportunities, and overall enjoyment of life. What are people trying to understand in sports? 1. The cultures and societies in which sports exist 2. The social worlds created around sports 3. The experiences of individuals and groups associated with sports. Benefit of sociology study? How are sports a part of culture? Sports are closely linked with how people think about and see the world. Ideologies: ideas and beliefs that people use to give meaning to the world and make sense of their experiences Different groups of people in a society often develop their own ideologies, and they don’t always agree. Sports are organized around people’s ideas and beliefs about bodies, relationships, abilities, character, gender, race, social class, and other attributes and characteristics socially defined as important. Sports in a society reinforce and reproduce the ideologies Sports serve as cultural practices that support and solidify particular forms of social organization and power relations. Gender ideology o Ideas and beliefs about masculinity, femininity, and male-female relationships. o Femininity and athletic excellence did not go hand in hand. They must be lesbians or male-like. o Opportunities for girls and women to play sports were restricted. Racial Ideology o Vary around the world, but are powerful forces in the social lives of many people o Often used as a basis for evaluating athletic potential or explaining athletic success. Ex. Blacks are natural athletes; whites cannot jump Class Ideology
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o In Ch. 2 Benefits of having social theories: They enable people to see things from new angles or perspectives Help us to identify issues and problems Produce a framework for asking questions Are theories practical? Yes; Most of our decisions and actions are based on our predictions of their possible consequences (and those predictions are based on our “personal theories” about social life. We use theories to guide our behavior
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EXSC 310 Exam 1 Review - EXSC 310 Exam 1 Review Ch 1"Deeper...

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