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Alzheimer’s video (“The Forgetting”) April 28, 2008 -no one is immune to Alzheimer’s -need to stop disease as nation/economy/civilization -do same tasks over and over -slow and silent killer -5 million (10x as many)- used to be 500,000 -past age 65 (10 %) -past 85 (25%-47%) have some level of dementia -economic costs -when baby boomers get disease-numbers will explode -thought used to be that psych disorders involved disturbances not physical problems -starchy deposits and fibrils confirmed alzheimers hunch -nerves cant talk to each other -synapses begin to disappear -hippocampus is slowly destroyed-fewer thoughts can form -anger, personality changes, fear -long term memories start to disappear -speech fades into silence -swallowing and breathing shut down -8 to 20 years until death -difficulty encoding information-cannot retrieve -no treatment to stop disease -plaques form long time before noticeable forgetting
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Unformatted text preview: -tangles inside neurons themselves-new compound needs to be able to get past blood-brain barrier and stay long enough to do scan to show plaques and clear out quick enough to use on living patients-amyloid buildup becomes toxic in brain-same plaques as down syndrome (extra copy of chromosome 21)-APP protein can maintain synapses, memories; clips not at surface but just above n below beta amyloid-genetic mutations cause less than 5% of alzheimers-pittsburgh compound- got into brain stuck to plaques and cleared them away-goal to predict early in life who might get alzheimers Shens notes-paranoia, anger, temper tantrums-causes-genetics (usually early-onset, chromosome 21)-impacts- caretaking is huge burden (look on psychological issues-higher incidence for heart disease)-use Massachusetts microscope Also delirium, dementia, cognitive disorders...
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