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Unit 1: Home Activity #1: Residential Energy Consumption Time for us to do Home Activity one. This is like homework one. This is all on computer you are going to be doing and click on this link. It will take you to the energy consumption activity link. The second one is this is to do so click on this and click on activity one. And there you go. This is Activity One where the main objective here is to gather power consumption of various household appliances. You have your own virtual home and there are various appliances in this virtual home. You will have to gather the power requirement of each of those appliances and, like we did in chapter 1, we have to calculate the energy used by each of these appliances by multiplying the power by the time of usage. Power is given to you and time of usage is what you have to estimate based on your own consumption. And then you are going to calculate the energy consumption for one day and then for a week and then for one semester. Alright. To do this you need to print the work sheet. This worksheet you’re not going to turn it in. It is a PDF file. You print it out, you do all your calculations, and then take those calculations and plug them back in. Keep that paper with you until the semester is over. Alright. Let’s view this actually. It is a PDF file that opens up, and then you print that file and you keep it ready, as I said. It will have a column for power, alright and hours. Look at this. In your virtual home you have an air conditioner. You have to figure out the watts the power consumes and turn or convert these watts into kilowatts. This is not kilowatt hours.
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HomeActivity1 - Unit 1 Home Activity#1 Residential Energy...

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