week 2 handout

week 2 handout - Megan Lewis M3lewis@ucsd.edu OH Thursday...

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Unformatted text preview: Megan Lewis M3lewis@ucsd.edu OH Thursday 1-2pm York 3010B Handout 2 Last of enzyme calculations, YAY!! + G AB- G A B The ___________ negative the G, the more products formed. In order to make the rxn favor products over reactants you must couple a rxn with a G that is a large enough negative value so that when you add it to the G of A B the overall final G is negative. Ex : hydrolysis of ATP ADP + Pi gives a G=-30.5kJ/mol If the G of AB is <30.4kJ/mol then the final G will be less than 0 and thus exergonic. Our body, and in all organisms in fact, have created a cash value in Pi. Every Pi that is released from a molecule releases with it energy since Pi actually wants to be free from other molecules. Thus, the G for releasing Pi is a negative value since the production of free Pi is favored over Pi being attached to a molecule such as ATP. By coupling this exergonic, product favoring rxn with the endergonic, reactant favoring rxn, the 2 Gs are summed and total a new G. If this new number is negative, then reactions of A B and ATP ADP + Pi occur since the overall rxn becomes exergonic. By using ATPs hydrolysis (breakdown into ADP and Pi) as the coupler, the G becomes negative resulting in the production of B. And in fact, the B to A ratio increases by a factor of ________ . No matter the s, as long as the final G value is negative, the product with be produced by a ________ fold increase! While ATP hydrolysis gives a G of -30.5kJ/mol, the actual G within a cell is between ______ and ________ kJ/mol since the [ATP] is held steady between 500 and 5000 for every [ADP] in each cell. Thus, -47kJ/mol is the minimum amt of energy needed for a cell to remain alive (to allow all of its processes to have enough energy to occur)....
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week 2 handout - Megan Lewis M3lewis@ucsd.edu OH Thursday...

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