MCDB MT Fall 2007 Ans

MCDB MT Fall 2007 Ans - NAME (LAST, FIRST)_ TA (SECTION)_...

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1 NAME (LAST, FIRST)______________________________ TA (SECTION)______________________________ MCDB 100 MIDTERM (270 pts) Answers THURS 11/1/07 Instructions: Please read carefully! 1. Write your answers only on the space provided i.e. on the lines in questions. No credit will be given for material in any other space. 2. Write legibly. We can't give points if we can't read your answers with the naked eye. 3. Show all calculations. 1. (40 pts) Define the following: (I) Dielectric constant: a measure of a solvent’s ability to shield charges _____ _____________________________________________________________________ (ii) Signal transduction: extracellular ligands binding to cell receptors are ______ changed into intracellular signals _________________________________________ (iii) Antiporter: coupled cell membrane transport system that moves one ________ substance in and another substance out __________________________________ (iv) Cristae: mitochondrial inner membrane containing electron transport proteins and ATP synthase _____________________________________________________ (v) Gibbs free energy: chemical energy (others too) available to do cell _________ work ________________________________________________________________ (vi) Van der Walls bond: Temporary attractive dipoles induced by the migrations of electrons __________________________________________________________ (vii) HAT : Cell culture medium that blocks normal nucleotide synthesis for DNA and forces cells to use their salvage _____________________________________ (viii) Photo-bleaching: irreversible destruction of fluorescence of tagged _______ molecules by high intensity laser light ____________________________________
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2 NAME (LAST, FIRST)_______________________________ TA (SECTION)____________________________________ (ix) F 0 F 1 synthase: mitochondrial molecular complex: proton channel (F 0 ) and F 1 ATPase ______________________________________________________________ (x) Electron transport: series of mitochondrial inner membrane associated
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MCDB MT Fall 2007 Ans - NAME (LAST, FIRST)_ TA (SECTION)_...

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