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PRE bullshit

PRE bullshit - Aydin 1 Christopher Aydin Professor Clark...

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Aydin 1 Christopher Aydin Professor Clark 03 April 2008 Title Chad is found on the continent of Africa. It is found, landlocked, in northern central Africa, neighboring Libya in the north, Niger, Nigeria, and Cameroon in the west, Central African Republic in the south, and Sudan to the east. The topography is more wooded savanna, steppe, and desert in the south and part of the Sahara desert can be found in the north. Chad presently has a population of 10.8 million and a total land mass of 1,284,000 sq. km. The population is projected to expand to 29.4 million from 2007 to 2050. Chad had a population change of 173%, a huge increase for a LDC (Less Developed Country), comparing it to the average of 49%. Chad’s Crude Birth Rate (CBR) is at 47 and its Crude Death Rate (CDR) is at 16. This is relatively high looking at the LDC’s CBR and CDR of, respectively, 23 and 8. The CDR is still relatively high and comparing it to the average, I expect the CDR to decrease with the CBR staying high. With such a high RNI, Chad can be found in the expansive pyramid which is typical for most LDCs. Chad’s population density is at 8 per sq. km. This is sparse when looking at the LDC’s average of 65. Additionally, with its population density being so low, Chad has plenty of room for continual growth. Part of the reason why LDCs have slowly declining rate of natural increases is due to because many of these countries are overcrowded and have no more room to house people. With an overcrowded population density, there are repercussions making surviving that much harder, with jobs being harder to come across, and there are the same amount of resources available so people must compete vigorously. These
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Aydin 2 means can cause the population to decrease, i.e. emigrating to other countries or harder living conditions making it impossible to survive. Chad has yet to reach a somewhat near dense population, so jobs and resources are still not that hard to come across as in other LDCs so their population will only continue to increase faster then the LDCs. Only 21% of Chad’s population is found in urban environment which is an increase of 3% in nearly 28 years. A couple of the major cities include N’Djamena, which is Chad’s capital, Moundou, Bongor, Sarh, and Abeche. Their populations are respectively 530,965; 282,103; 196,713; 193,753; and 187,936. Looking at the LDCs, the average increase is nearly 14%. As other LDC’s are becoming more and more urban and trying to become more modern, Chad is lacking behind in urbanization. Considering this, Chad is “less developed” than other LDCs. In terms of diversity of race and ethnicity, Chad has nearly 200 distinct groups, most of whom are Muslims (Arabs, Toubou, Fulbe) in the north and center and non-Muslims (Sara, Ngambaye, Mbake) in the south. 51% of Chad’s population religious views are Muslim. With the wide spread of Islam in the LDCs and Muslim being the major religion in Chad, I see the
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PRE bullshit - Aydin 1 Christopher Aydin Professor Clark...

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