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Bio 102 Lab Writeup

Bio 102 Lab Writeup - Aydin 1 Analysis of the Nervous...

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Aydin 1 Analysis of the Nervous System, Regarding the Special Senses including Knee-Jerk Reflex Arcs, Skin Receptors, Proprioceptors, Blind Spots, Field of Vision, Afterimages, and Adaptation of Temperature Receptors Abstract For this lab, we explored our nervous system and the reactions of stimuli in different environments. To observe the reflex arc, we performed the knee-jerk test. When the person was struck slightly below the knee cap, the person’s knee slightly jerked. To observe the receptors of the skin, we checked the two-point threshold of different parts of the hand known to be sensitive such as the index finger, the palm and the back of the hand. The index finger showed the smallest two-point threshold so we concluded that the back of the hand and the palm had more pain receptors. To observe the adaptations of hot/cold receptors, we placed one finger in hot water and one finger in cold water. After one minute, both fingers were placed into lukewarm water. The finger that was in the hot water felt the lukewarm water as cold and the finger that was in the cold water felt the lukewarm water as hot. To observe proprioception, a person was to have their arms extended at shoulder height and eyes closed and then with their eyes closed (and again with their eyes open) they were to try and touch their index fingers side by side. The subject was able to touch their index fingers both with his eyes open and closed. To observe the blind spot, a person was to cover one eye and stare at a cross on a piece of a paper. Also on the piece of paper was a dot near the cross. The subject was to move the paper slowly toward them. The subject stated the dot was visible at first, then disappeared, and reappeared. In order the field of vision of the retina, we used a vision disk. The disk was able to help us to determine the field of vision on each eye of the subject. The subject was tested twice for both eyes, starting with the left eye by itself. Our subject’s left eye’s field of vision was 70º and his right eye’s field of vision was
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Aydin 2 78º. It was determined that our subject’s field of vision was 148º . To observe the distribution of cones, we used the vision disk again but this time using colored dots. The subject had to correctly identify the color of the dot in his peripheral. To observe afterimages, we stared at a color image for a minute and than look at a sheet of blank white paper. Certain cones are used for specific colors and when we stared at the blank piece of paper, the subject stated the colors were inverted (Scott et. al., 2007). In this lab, we explore different parts of the nervous system and find results of certain experiments. Introduction “The nervous system integrates the actions of various parts of the body so they will function in a coordinated fashion with one another and with the external environment” (Scott 2007). After studying the “gross morphology” of the central and peripheral nervous system, and
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Bio 102 Lab Writeup - Aydin 1 Analysis of the Nervous...

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