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Christopher Aydin Intro to Human Ecology December 12, 2007 Section 03 Genetic Engineering: The Future or The End of The Human Race In a world plagued with disease and death always around the corner, one should always try to obtain the best advantage of a healthy and safe life. One of these new advantages is genetic engineering. This innovation could kill the world’s health problem at the root before the flowering illness ever develops. However, there is a major problem that faces this radical solution. Besides morals and ethics, is this scientific endeavor safe for the future of the human race? The clear, concise answer is no. One of the biggest oppositions to genetic engineering is Darwin’s ideas of natural selection. The basic beliefs of Darwin was that natural selection always acted on the species with the least fitness, that is the ability to produce fertile, healthy offspring that could survive and adapt to nature (Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species ). Genetic engineering fights the ideas of natural selection and creates a new scheme of creation. “Artificial selection” or “genetic selection” would be the new ruling laws of nature that would mold and shape the human race and its interactions. This new idea would not follow the same rules as Darwin’s idea because the evolutionary pressures would not be present. Though disease is undoubtedly a horrible outcome of genetic recombination and mitotic crossover, it is necessary for the survival of the human race. Disease is natural selection’s way of “weeding out the weak [those of less fitness]”. One of the possible causes of the high disease rate is the medical advancements that our society has undertaken. A century ago when antibiotics were not
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even a thought, people would die from infections and never make it to the stages in life where AIDS or other late-staged viruses could kill. Now that we have these medical advancements, disease is just another way to eliminate the individuals with less fitness. A direct problem with this elimination of survival of the fittest would be a tremendous
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Book Paper - Christopher Aydin Intro to Human Ecology...

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