benjis 12th fight club analysis

benjis 12th fight club analysis - Benji Friedman 5-27-08...

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Benji Friedman 5-27-08 Film Analysis “Fight Club,” directed by David Fincher and released in 1999, is my favorite movie of all time. The simple story of an unnamed narrator (Edward Norton) who unknowingly lives separately and sometimes simultaneously with an alter-ego named Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) has enthralled movie-goers all over the world for almost a decade. The story itself is fairly straightforward, with Norton’s character inadvertently creating Tyler Durden, who begins “fight clubs” all over the U.S., where men, who have been forced to live in a robotic consumer-driven society, and are therefore becoming more and more out of touch with their natural instincts and emotions, fight each other to reclaim those primal feelings that they have lost, to realize who they really are. Durden makes the claim that “we are slaves with white collars… we work jobs we hate to buy s*** we don’t need.” His ideology becomes popular with many disenchanted workers, until his “club” becomes a movement, with the name “Project Mayhem.” The movie ends with Norton’s character realizing that “Project Mayhem” has gone too far, and that he must take control of his life and stop Tyler Durden from destroying anything else. A pivotal scene in the movie is where Norton’s character and Durden are leaving a bar after just meeting, and Durden, on the spur of the moment, asks his new friend to “just hit me.” Norton hits Durden on the ear, and Durden hits Norton in the stomach, and, amazingly enough, it
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benjis 12th fight club analysis - Benji Friedman 5-27-08...

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