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English Wilson Summary

English Wilson Summary - ENGLISH 2100 SECTION LP 13A...

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ENGLISH 2100, SECTION LP 13A: SUMMARY OF “IS HUMANITY SUICIDAL?” Wilson begins by imagining scientists from an alien civilization secretly tracking earth’s environmental history from a space station on one of Jupiter’s moons for millions of years via sophisticated, sensor-equipped satellites. These watchers might tell us that one species would inevitably gain intelligent control of earth. Homo sapiens has done so, representing the greatest mass of protoplasm in evolutionary history and a geophysical force swiftly changing earth’s atmosphere and climate. [70] Wilson asserts that humans are “tribal, aggressively territorial, intent on [excessive] private space … and oriented by selfish sexual and reproductive drives. …Individuals place themselves first, family second, tribe third and the rest of the world a distant fourth” (502). As carnivores, we use the sun’s energy at much lower levels of efficiency than do herbivores. We have degraded the biosphere by polluting air and water, extinguishing innumerable terrestrial and aquatic species, and by lowering water tables. Our population has increased to 5.5 billion during the last 50 years and will likely double in the next 50 years. In our pursuit of a
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