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HW 1 1) A group of college students believes that herbal tea has remarkable restorative powers. To test this belief, they make weekly visits to a local nursing home, visiting with the residents and serving them herbal tea. The nursing home staff reports that after several months most of the residents are more cheerful and healthy. A skeptical sociologist commends the students for their good deeds but scoffs at the idea that herbal tea helped the residents. It’s all confounding, says the sociologist. Identify the treatment and response variable in this informal study. Then explain what other variable is confounded with the treatment. 2) The author Shere Hite undertook a study of women’s attitudes toward love and sex by distributing 100,000 questionnaires through women’s groups. Only 4.5% of the questionnaires were returned. Based on this sample of women, Hite wrote Women and Love , a best-selling book claiming that women are fed up with men. For example, 91% of the divorced women in the sample said
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