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HW5 - μ so that 8 ounce cups will overflow only 1 of the...

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HW 5 1) Sincich, Ex. 4.84. 2) Sincich, Ex. 4.85. 3) Sincich, Ex. 4.87. 4) Sincich, Ex. 4.90. 5) Sincich, Ex. 4.94. 6) Sincich, Ex. 4.101. 7) Sincich, Ex. 4.103. 8) Sincich, Ex. 4.104. 9) Sincich, Ex. 4.106. 10) Sincich, Ex. 4.110. 11) A Pepsi machine in a Burger King store can be regulated so that it dispenses an average of μ ounces per cup. If the amount dispensed is normally distributed with standard deviation 0.2 ounces, what should be the setting for
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Unformatted text preview: μ so that 8 ounce cups will overflow only 1% of the time? 12) Suppose that annual stock returns for a particular company are normally distributed, with a mean of 16% and a standard deviation of 10%. You are going to invest in this stock for one year. A) Find the probability that your one-year return will exceed 30%. B) Find that probability that your one-year return will be negative....
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