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overview of p chem

overview of p chem - 5 Surface Phenomena Colloids B Modern...

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Overview of Physical Chemistry A. Classical Physical Chemistry 1. Macroscopic: little, if any, reference necessary to atoms, molecules, or atomic theories 2. States of Matter a. Gases -- properties, laws, equations of state b. Liquids and solids -- properties 3. Chemical Thermodynamics a. Laws of thermodynamics: heat and work (energy), entropy, enthalpy, free energy b. Equilibria: phase, chemical c. Electrochemistry 4. Chemical Kinetics a. Rates of reactions, rate laws, experimental study b. Mechanisms of reactions - microscopic
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Surface Phenomena, Colloids B. Modern Physical Chemistry 1. Microscopic: totally based on atomic theories 2. Atomic and Molecular Structure a. Quantum mechanics: atomic structure b. Bonding theories: molecular structure 3. Determination of Atomic and Molecular Structure: Spectroscopy a. Electronic spectra b. Vibration and rotation spectra c. Resonance techniques 4. Statistical Thermodynamics a. Kinetic theory of gases b. Microscopic approach to thermodynamics 5. Transport Phenomena and Diffusion...
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