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ME 80 Professor Levenston Instructional Objectives : Torsion By the end of this section (roughly 3 classes), you should be able to: Define the terms twist, twist rate, polar moment of inertia; Explain the physical meaning of the polar moment of inertia; Describe the patterns of shear stress and strain in rods loaded in torsion; Calculate rotations, stresses and strains in cylindrical bars (homogeneous and composite) under single and multiple external torques or for a given power transmission capacity;
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Unformatted text preview: • Calculate reactions, stresses, strains and twists in statically indeterminate structures under torsion; • Calculate the maximum allowable torque on a bar for either maximum shear stress or maximum twist criteria; • Choose a torsion member that satisfies given maximum stress and twist criteria; • Design a bar to withstand given external torques subject to maximum stress and twist criteria....
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