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objectives--beam stresses

objectives--beam stresses - • Define and explain the term...

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ME 80 Professor Levenston Instructional Objectives : Beam stress analysis By the end of this section (roughly 4 classes), I aim for you to be able to: Explain when a part of a structure is treated as a beam; Define the terms shear force and bending moment ; Calculate the shear force and bending moment at a point within a beam under prescribed loading; Draw shear force and bending moment diagrams for beams under prescribed loading; Explain the relationships between distributed load, shear force and bending moment; Describe the patterns of axial normal stress and transverse shear stress in beams;
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Unformatted text preview: • Define and explain the term netrual axis ; • Calculate normal stresses and strains throughout beams with prescribed loading; • Calculate geometric properties (centroid, area, moments of inertia) of non-rectangular beam cross-sections; • Select a beam that satisfies a maximum stress criterion; • Determine maximum allowable loads on a beam given constraints on maximum stresses; • Design a minimum weight beam to carry specified external loads....
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