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objectives--remaining material

objectives--remaining material - • compute stresses in...

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ME 80 Professor Levenston Instructional Objectives : last 4 classes calculate the deflections of cantilevered and simply supported beams under prescribed loading by integration of governing equations; calculate the deflections of beams using the principle of superposition (when appropriate); define buckling; determine the critical buckling load for a column of known geometry and material under simply supported end conditions; determine if a simply supported column is more likely to fail due to the maximum stress or buckling criterion; design a simply supported column to achieve a given critical buckling load;
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Unformatted text preview: • compute stresses in spherical and cylindrical thin-walled pressure vessels; • explain the concept of stress transformation; • define plane stress; • describe a state of plane stress using a 2-D stress element; • compute the stress components describing a given stress state in a rotated coordinate system; • calculate the maximum normal and shear stresses at a point for a given stress state and compute the orientations where those stresses are found; • compute the maximum stresses in a structure under combinations of different loading modes (axial loading, torsion, bending, pressurization);...
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