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1 BME 210 Spring 2007 Name: _______________________________ MIDTERM EXAMINATION #1 (1 hr 15 min) (15 points) 1. A dye-dilution procedure was performed in a patient in which 0.5 mg of dye was injected into the right femoral artery (provides the blood supply to the right leg) and the dye concentrations (C(t)) given in the table below were measured in the right femoral vein at several times. These data have been corrected for any recirculation. The patient’s right femoral artery blood flow was assumed to be constant during the course of the experiment. t - time (sec) C ( t ) – dye concentration (mg/L) 0.0 0.0 2.0 15.0 4.0 10.0 6.0 8.0 8.0 0.0 Using these data, estimate the area under the dye concentration-time curve using the following numerical integration methods: trapezoidal rule and Simpson’s method . Also use these two approximations to calculate the corresponding values of blood flow, F. Express your answer for F in L/min . (See study problem solution to a similar problem.)
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2 (20 points) 2. Write a complete MATLAB program that uses the Simpson’s method to approximate the integral of the concentration data from a dye dilution experiment. Your program should read the data from a file named dye.dat that contains 51 rows, with time and measured dye concentration on each row. Assume that the measurements are made every 2 seconds with the first measurement at 0 seconds. The program should print the approximation to the integral and also produce a labeled plot of the dye concentration data versus time. Be sure to use proper MATLAB syntax in writing your code; it should
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Midterm1Solution - BME 210 Spring 2007 Name MIDTERM...

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