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GEOL 107 - GENERAL GEOLOGY - STUDY GUIDE PART 3 This guide contains in an outline/question format the important points that we have covered in the course, you will be expected to have an understanding of this material for an exam The Sea Floor - Chapter 10 in Exploring Geology Know the various features of the sea-floor a) mid-ocean ridge b) abyssal hills c) abyssal plains d) trenches e) islands and seamounts f) continental margins What are terrigeneous sediments? …pelagic sediments? Know the structure of the continental margin a) the continental shelf b) the continental slope c) the continental rise What are submarine canyons? How are they formed? What are turbidity currents? turbidite deposits? Geologic Structures - Chapter 8 in Exploring Geology What is stress? strain? What is elastic deformation? ductile (plastic) deformation? brittle deformation? What is the effect of pressure on the deformation of rock? Know that how a rock mass responds to stress depends on temperature and burial depth What is strike? dip? What is a fold? Is folding an example of brittle or ductile deformation? What is a monocline? an anticline? a syncline? a dome? a basin?
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