Exam 2 Study Guide - GEOL 107 - GENERAL GEOLOGY - STUDY...

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- GENERAL GEOLOGY - STUDY GUIDE PART 2 This guide contains in an outline/question format the important points that we have covered in the course, you will be expected to have an understanding of this material for an exam Hydrologic Cycle and River Systems - Chapters 2, 16, & 17 in Exploring Geology Know the relative distribution of water on the Earth Oceans - 97% Glaciers and Polar Ice - 2% Underground aquifers - 0.5% Lakes and Rivers - 0.02% Atmosphere - 0.0001% Biosphere - 0.00004% Understand the hydrologic cycle (see section 17.1) What are the main parts of the cycle? eg. evaporation, precipitation, runoff, groundwater, and transpiration What is a drainage basin? a drainage divide? Note: that watershed is a term that is now more commonly used to describe a drainage basin. Know the five patterns of river drainage and the geologic setting in which they occur 1) dendritic 2) rectangular 3) trellis 4) radial 5) distributary What is a longituidinal profile? How does the longituidinal profile of a river or stream change from its headwaters to its mouth? What is discharge? How is discharge related to channel width, channel depth, channel shape, and water velocity? Know that the velocity of a stream is dependent upon both discharge and the stream gradient What are the typical downstream changes in discharge, stream gradient, and velocity? Know the ways that a river or stream carries the debris of erosion
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Exam 2 Study Guide - GEOL 107 - GENERAL GEOLOGY - STUDY...

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