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MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY MID-YEAR EXAMINATION 2003 Unit: Date Time Allowed Total number of Questions Instructions: ECON200 MICROECONOMIC ANALYSIS Thursday, 19 June, 2003, 1.50 p.m. Three (3) hours plus ten (10) minutes reading time. Suggested times: one (1) hour for Section A and two (2) hours for section B. Section A: Forty (40) Section B: Six (6) Essays This paper is Section B Section B: This section comprises 2/3 of your total examination grade and contains six (6) questions. All questions are of equal value. The proportion of marks allocated to sub-parts of each question in Section B is indicated in brackets beside each sub-part. 1. STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO ANSWER ANY FOUR (4) QUESTIONS FROM SECTION B 2. EACH ESSAY IN SECTION B MUST BE IN A DIFFERENT EXAM BOOKLET 3. WRITE YOUR NAME, STUDENT NUMBER AND THE NUMBER OF THE QUESTION ATTEMPTED ON THE FRONT OF EACH EXAM BOOKLET 4. THE USE OF CALCULATORS AND DICTIONARIES ARE NOT PERMITTED END OF EXAM CHECK: YOU MUST HAND IN Section A: One (1) Multiple Choice Computer Scoring Sheet One (1) Multiple Choice Question Booklet Section B: Four (4) Exam Essay Booklets
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2 Suggestions and things to remember 1) Allocate your time in proportion to the marks for each sub-part of the question. Aim in total to spend no more than 30 minutes on each question. 2) If you fail to label diagrams adequately you will lose marks. Question 1. 10% (a) Define the terms: (1) opportunity cost, (2) sunk cost and (3) rational behaviour. 10%
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