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Final exam topics/study questions 1) Four-point framework for viewing any water quality issue. 2) What are the various pressures — catastrophic or otherwise — that threaten water quality in the Sacramento River/San Joaquin River Delta? 3) What are the various solutions to those pressures on the Delta? And what are the tradeoffs or ramifications that each solution carries with it? 4) What are advantages and disadvantages of each of the three approaches for testing water bodies for impairments? 5) What is a TMDL and how does it work? How are wetlands and TMDLs interconnected? 6) What are the various water quality problems and potential solutions for California dairy farms? 7) Why is MTBE so much more problematic than BTEX? 8) What is the role of “behavioral change” on the future of water quality and quantity in California? 9) What factors make mercury such a challenging contaminant to deal with? What is the most prevalent route for mercury poisoning?
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Unformatted text preview: 10) What are the natural processes that allows a water body/watershed to heal itself, and how can we take advantage of these? 11) What are harmful algal blooms, and how does the harm actually occur? 12) How many legacy issues can you identify from this course? How is this related to creeping normalcy? 13) Evaluate the the various films that we watched (Erin Brockovich, The Sacramento River of Life, Swim for the River, Inconvenient Truth) in terms of effectiveness in educating the public on environmental issues. 14) From the posted report on Sacramento Valley farmers, what generalizations can you make about how to engage any stakeholder in an environmental solution? 15) In the context of wastewater treatment, or super fund sites, or 303(d) impaired water bodies, what is the balance between economics and cleanup? How clean is clean enough?...
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