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Keys_Ch2_cont - 23 Flowchart Symbols 1 Time cards 2 Prepare...

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21. Use of Systems Techniques - 10 minutes Easy It is not uncommon to have to deal with difficult clients. If things are really difficult you can simply withdraw from the engagement. But if you are billing her by the hour, then you can politely remind her that she can save herself a lot of money by facilitating your work in a way that will permit you to finish at the earliest possible date. There is also the option of bypassing Marjorie Renwald and work directly with her two employees. As far as systems techniques go, the usual ones will be needed: narratives, questionnaires, flowcharts, and internal control summaries.
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Unformatted text preview: 23. Flowchart Symbols 1. Time cards. 2. Prepare batch-control slips. 3. Batch-control slips (the numbers 1 and 2 should be added to indicate first and second copy). 4. Time cards. 5. Input. 6. Batch-control slip (the number 1 should be added to indicate first copy). 7. Time cards. 8. By batch. 9. Payroll transaction file. 10. Sort by employee number within batch. 11. Master employee file. 12. Edit and compare batch total hours and number of employees. 13. Batch listing and exception report. 14. Payroll transaction file. 15. Exceptions noted: a. Unbalanced batch b. Invalid employee number 16. Resolve differences....
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