exam 2 anwser key

exam 2 anwser key - l 1 Dr Stortzfur V{1 ^ Chemistry 121 N...

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Unformatted text preview: l 1/ Dr. Stortzfur V {1 ^ Chemistry 121 N)--- ! Autumn Quarter 2007 \ 5ECOND MIDTERM EXAM Lab. Instructor 00331 Thursday November 8th,2007 6:30 - 7:48 PM Name Signature Rec. Instructor INSTRUCTIONS l. Fill out answer sheet as follows, using pencil only. (Ink will not record). a) Print your last name, starting at the far left, FILL IN THE CORRESPONDING LETTER UNDER EACH LETTER IN YOUR LAST NAME. b) Leaving one space after the last name, print your first name and FILL IN THE CORRESPONDING LETTER UNDER EACH LETTER IN YOUR FIRST NAME. c) MI means "middle initial". Leave one space after your first name, print your middle initial. FILL IN THE CORRESPONDING LETTER LTNDER YOUR MIDDLE INITIAL. d) Place your signature on the line above your printed name. e) You MUST indicate your two-digit section number. 1. Locate Your LAB daY/time FIRST' 2. Find your TA'S NAME, 3. Fill in the TWO-DIGIT NUMBER for your section on the answer sheet starting in COLUMN frKff in the SPECIAL CODES SECTION' fl Fill in the IDENTIFICATION NUMBER starting in COLUMN A with your Carmen Student ID Number. g) DO NOT fill in sex or birth date. Find tab day/time, then T.A. and enter two digit section number. ind lab dav/time. then I .A. and enter two orglt sec Tuesday I l:30 Thursday 11:30 Thursday 2:30 Friday 2:30 Erick Palmer Yujie Sun Rabi Chhantyal-Pun Carrie Yozwiak 5 0 5 1 5 2 5 3 Matt O'Malley Mark Sgambellone Shane Glasgow Jennifer Lynch Jason Talmadge Rebecca Ricciardo 5 4 5 5 5 6 5 l 5 8 5 9 Matthew Lauer Matt Coursen 60 6 1 Cherie Owens 62 Z. When the proctor gives the signal, but not before, check to see that there are 8 numbered pages, and a Periodic Table. 3. There are 30 multiple choice questions for a total score of 175 points. 4. You must mark answers on the answer sheet in PENCIL. Fill in all answers COMPLETELY with PENCIL. If you wish to change an answer, erase the unwanted mark COMPLETELY. 5. Use the blank page for scratch work, but note that only the marks you make on the answer sheet will be observed by the grading equipment- 6. The time allowed is t hour, 18 minutes. i. At the end of the examination, you must hand in the ANSWER SHEET before leaving the room 00331 The following constants might be useful: h:6.626 x 10-34 J-s Rs : -2.18 x 10-18 J c : 3 . 0 0 x 1 0 8 m / s Avagadro's number :6.022 x 1023 1. [6 points] Which color of visible Iight has the highest energy? | _7 l__^--*f {ffir lyeyJ Lrq_rc3 lrB I ( c ) r e d - - ' - - % - - (d) green h,Sh 2 /., (e) yellow 2. [6 points] The n:5 to n:3 transition in the Bohr hydrogen atom corresponds to L the of a photon with a wavelength of nm. (a) absorption,65T (b) absorption,1280 3. [6 points] The energy of a photon that has a wavelength of 13.2 nm is €=U ) A{= -?"rerto-'t:i- (*r....
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exam 2 anwser key - l 1 Dr Stortzfur V{1 ^ Chemistry 121 N...

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