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You are invited to participate in a new research study called Goals in Decision Making . The study is being conducted by faculty in the Marketing Department at Penn State, Cornell University and Duke University, and examines how different decision making goals influence your decision making processes. The study asks you to learn about some different goals and then evaluate some information and make some judgments. A session will last approximately 30 minutes. All sessions will be held in 205 Business Bldg. Before you register to participate in a study, you must read the document containing guidelines for participating in research studies. The document is under Research Studies on Angel. By signing up for a study you agree to the policies in that document. For your participation, you will receive extra credit added to your grade in BA 303. At this point, you are allowed a maximum of 2 extra credit studies for BA 303. Procedures to sign up for the study are as follows:
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  • Spring '07
  • Pennsylvania State University, Meg Meloy, Marketing Smeal College of Business The Pennsylvania State University, Business Bldg University Park, Angel logon information, Meloy Associate Professor Department

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