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Unformatted text preview: “The Perception of Race” Noriega opens his essay with the statement “Race is a paradox” (1), explaining how although race is such an all encompassing social issue, it is largely misunderstood. Noriega explains that the media plays a significant role in the skewing of the view of race by over emphasizing certain stereotypical and negative qualities of particular races (such as crime or violence). By giving the example of how, “the demographic and electoral majority imagined itself to be a minority” (1) Noriega reveals how the misconceptions created by the media has altered how people view race in America. Without proper representation in the medium of media, the majority of people, who live in “racially segregated environments” (1), are never able to receive unbiased information about race. Another way Noriega touches on the point that “Race is a paradox”, is by revealing that, “significantly more genetic variation occurs within than between populations, racial or otherwise” (2)...
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