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Allison Saulsbury EDUC 3013- Emily Wexler ABC Project April 1, 2007 Mr. JJ Leary: A Lawyer and A Teacher Standing in someone else’s shoes is quite interesting and a bit difficult. Upon meeting the person I chose to interview, I knew he was highly educated and was an amazing person. Finding out the details was extremely exciting and ultimately, I was learning new things. He is a true example of undertaking the “American Dream”. Through interviewing a highly accomplished gentleman with a different background and educational history than my own, I will show how such differences have shaped and motivated educational settings in our lives. I was born in Olney, Maryland and attended a school four blocks away from my home named “St. John’s Episcopal” from kindergarten through eighth grade. I wore a khaki jumper as my uniform and the teachers were called “the dinosaurs”. My teachers all the way through grade/ middle school were extremely conservative and Olney residents as well. Everyone knew everyone and the families were, for the most part, middle to high class (economically). All of my classmates attended a co-ed private high school but I decided to look elsewhere and chose The Academy of the Holy Cross. Holy Cross was an all-girls Catholic school on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. The other children and parents saw this choice as out of the ordinary because I wasn’t following the rest of the crowd. I met a much more diverse group of girls and absolutely loved every minute of high school. Again, breaking the mold, I chose to come to CU. My favorite teacher, Ms. Mackinnon, pushed me to make my own choices and not to settle for 1
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anything less than my dream. My parents and friends’ parents were shocked by my choice, but gave me positive reinforcement instead of trying to make me follow the group. I have been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to openly discuss my decisions and have been supported by my family, friends, and teachers. Through Ms. Mackinnon’s and other teachers, and also other people at Holy Cross’ passion for teaching and learning, I was able to make a life changing decision. I feel my education has been a privilege that many people do not have handed to them as I did. Recognizing this now, I see the value in hard work and setting goals for oneself. In contrast, J.J. Leary was not handed his education and instead fought for it. The
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ABC - Allison Saulsbury EDUC 3013- Emily Wexler ABC Project...

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