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Eric Clapton Modern Electric Blues Icon Eric Clapton was a British guitarist born May 30, 1945. He grew up with a rough life, and turned to drugs and alcohol. Admits all this Clapton was one of the most significant blues artist to emerge from Britain during the 1960’s. The house he grew up in was relatively small, and had no electricity. Eric Clapton’s mother gave birth to him at age 15, but he grew up believing his grandparents were his mother and father. When he was nine he finally learned the truth about his parents, and that his sister Patricia was actually his mother. This event left him emotionally scared and he started to do poorly in school. The first instrument he played was the recorder, and he ended up teaching himself how to play guitar. His guitar playing began we he begged his grandparents to buy him a guitar. He enjoyed guitar music so set out to teach himself to play. He found his guitar difficult to play because the strings were high off the neck of the guitar. Despite this he still was able to teach himself how to play the guitar by listening to music and mimicking what he heard. He found a new guitar at flea market that turned out to be much easier to play, and he felt as though he finally had a proper guitar. Clapton would constantly listen to music and try to imitate what he heard. He would spend hours mimicking songs such as Muddy Waters, “Honey bee.” Big Bill Broonzy was the man who originally got Clapton into the blues music. Later he listened to John Lee Hooker, and Muddy Waters and became interested in the electric guitar. He grew found of the electric guitar and was able to convince his grandparents to buy him one. Clapton started to do drugs such as speed when he was around 15 years old. At the parties Clapton went to he began to get with girls as well as drink. He would like to drink because it
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made him feel more courageous rather than his usually shy personality. He also thought that drinking would make him look more attractive to girls. As for schooling Clapton attended Kingston school of art until he was kicked out. He began to work for his grandfather, but continued playing guitar. He shortly joined a band called the Roosters, but the band had little money and broke up six months later. He played in many British Rhythm and Blues bands until he joined the Yardbirds. Clapton’s blues guitar showed through when the band played live, but when recording the band searched to record commercial pop singles. Clapton was not satisfied with the studio recordings and wanted to play something with more blues influence. Clapton was given the nickname “Slowhand” while being in the Yardbirds. He would often break strings onstage while he was bending notes, and stay onstage to fix them. The audience would then slowly clap their hands until he resumed playing. After the Yardbirds Clapton joined John Mayall’s Blues Breakers and recorded the album “John
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Clapton - Eric Clapton Modern Electric Blues Icon Eric...

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