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Allison Saulsbury Art for the Elementary Teacher- Virginia Shick February 11, 2007 Rationale for Visual Art Instruction in Education Gurdon Woods said, “ART IS IDEA. It is not enough to draw, paint, and sculpt. An artist should be able to think”. Throughout history, art has been used as an expression of day-to-day life. Art has been used to unveil mysteries, and solve unrest. Art is an essential part of the development of the individual. Art has been an extremely important part of my personal education and has affected many others in society in constructive ways. Art enriches the minds of both adults and children. “Learning about art is important because the visual arts convey meaning and knowledge about the world, through two and three-dimensional forms such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and architecture, that are unique and different from that gained through verbal and written language” 1 . Art presents the open prospect for learning and principal skills that aid in the development of a human being. The Boulder Valley Visual Arts Standards define visual arts education as sequential in these five areas: communication, perception, analysis, use of materials and techniques, and understanding history and culture 2 . These traits are highly valued by society and are the motive to prolong the utilization of art education in the classroom. Art as a form of communication comes across as an important aspect of the five
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artrationale - Allison Saulsbury Art for the Elementary...

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