Notes after exam 1

Notes after exam 1 - Notes after exam 1 Liberty-liberalism...

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Unformatted text preview: Notes after exam 1 Liberty-liberalism Equality-som Fraternity-nationalism Nationalism Benedict said that nationalism is an imagined community where people imagine that they have something in common with someone who lives on a completely different coast o You have culturally something that binds us together o Or do we choose to imagine that there may be more there than meets the eye Citizenship vs. subject hood o Citizen has a sense of ownership of the nation Rights vs. privilege o Rights are inherent and privileges are granted o Only true free person is the monarch in a kingdom What makes a nation a nation o Rights, citizenship and choice to imagine the sense of community real or no t o Decision it makes Nation is an imagine construct of citizenship entailing a sense of community, common culture, and interdependence with fixed boundaries within which in exercises sovereign rule set up in opposition to a foe, imagined or real which it uses to both define itself in relation to as well as seeks to defend against Nationalism Theory A. Nation vs. country B. Origin-French Revolution C. Defining nationalism a. Imagined community 7 weeks war-Austria gets fucked up Second Industrial Revolution (1870-1914)-revolution in science and technology -steam engine and spinning jennys in first industrial revolution were created by artisans and were very much involved hands on, they werent scientist-people who developed stuff after 1870 were actual scientist-creates great technological change-tires created for bicycles and ultimately automobiles-The internal combustion engine driven by petroleum products -The telegraph and phone, typewriter, mass newsprint-all come into existence -synthetic fibers and plastics -life I never the same!-use to never exist in Europe and U.S, only Africa and Asia and stuff Nature o Fuel 1 st-coal and steam engine 2 nd-takes place in oil, electricity, and in chemicals Electricity is vital, the application of electricity to a variety of things makes it possible for new materials to be used on a broad and efficient paste o Such as steel, it was difficult to produce and it became quite valuable but when people discovered by applying electrolysis, they could harden steel and produce it at such a high level of quality and in such a high level of quantity that now we have a brand new building material, it is harder than iron and more readily manipulated than iron, makes possible a whole new array of brand new products that didnt exist it before o Aluminum-it use to be expensive but with an electrolysis application, can be used in variety of way and help in production of aircrafts Chemicals make possible a variety of development in area of medicine and hygiene o Medicine/hygiene Development of certain chemical processes to make anesthesia and it transforms medical profession, doctors can now do things Lister-carbolic acid Development of certain new dyes that make it possible for doctors to differentiate...
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Notes after exam 1 - Notes after exam 1 Liberty-liberalism...

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