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overview western civl - Overview 1500-1660-instability...

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1/16/08 Overview, 1500-1660 -instability almost in every level of life -areas of instability in realm of intellect, religion, understanding of universe -instability is violent and disruptive and terrifying -puts stress on all Europeans no matter what part of society they come from -every person in these societies in Europe, suffer in some degree -wars of religion and wars between nobles vs. monarchs to assert their authority and dominance over one another -1550-1600 -25 percent of population in central Europe (german states) died off as consequence of war -experience of the war that lead European rulers to say that we shouldn’t have a violent war like that again and we should make rules -the disgust and absolute terror that the war produced that got Europe to think differently about how to engage themselves -Europe became a more stable place politically afterwards -the question of who should have authority is determined -the monarchs -but in England its shared between parliament and the monarch -illegally secure in 1688 -rules of king and queen is absolute and can’t challenge Renaissance o Cultural and artistic movement o Period from roughly from 1450 into the middle part of the 16 th century o Different ways of thinking about the nature of human beings o Until renaissance, peoples outlook was that whatever happens on earth sucks and is pretty bad but we can look forward to afterwards What happens on earth wont matter much and we don’t worry about poor and how rotten their lives are or how rotten our lives are o Number of thinkers-humanist Promote the idea that what happens on earth to human beings is important and we should focus on that Think about the great art and sculptures Based on true anatomy of human beings Artist sought to portray human beings in the here and now This kind of artistry changes medieval Painters and sculptures of renaissance pay attention to detail about human beings, they aren’t waiting for paradise in afterlife o shift in thinking beneficial deeply unsettling also all previous ways of thinking about human life has been overthrown o what we thought we knew was wrong o great artists and thinking depended on the subsidiary given to them by rich families o product of new wealth that has arisen out of trade that is taking place with the far east, india and china and the middleeastern countries that generate wealth for those who can afford it, introduces a new way of living
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wealthy people fund the renaissance ultimately extends to the west through atlantic ocean new economic developments also unsettling because the church preaches that what happens here on life doesn’t matter having things and getting luxury items is not a great thing and god doesn’t like that especially with the expense of other people o new materials coming in change the way people live introduces a new element that helps contribute to sense of instability Reformation o
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overview western civl - Overview 1500-1660-instability...

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