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Chinese 1, ALC, UCLA Fall 2007 Group Project (Due Dec. 7, 2007) You will work in a group of 4-5 to prepare and present in your discussion section a 5-6 minute dialogue in Chinese on one of the following topics: Dates and Time Hobbies Visiting Friends No matter which topic you choose, you are expected to use as many learned words and phrases as possible from lessons 3, 4 and 5. Please try not to use the words and sentence patterns that you have not learned yet. If you need to use one or two such words, please explain them to your audience in a handout before you present your project. You are allowed to use English for occasional proper nouns such as UCLA. Please keep in mind that you need to make your fellow students understand what you are presenting. When you present your dialogue in class, please do not read directly from your script. You are expected to act out your dialogue from memory or with the help of some cue cards. You are expected to hand in your script before you start your oral presentation.
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Unformatted text preview: Your script should be nicely typed in Chinese on regular xerox papers. Your written script should have a cover page on which the title of your topic and the names of the participants doing the project are provided. • To facilitate the clarity and understanding of your presentation you are encouraged to use handouts or any visual aids that you think appropriate. • It is best that your group consists of both male and female students. A group leader is expected to be elected by members of each group. A list of names and contact information (email & phone numbers) about members of each group is expected to be given to the discussion section instructor at the end of week 8. Please put a star sign beside the name of the group leader. • You are encouraged to discuss your draft with your instructord before you finalize it. • There should not be more than 5 groups in each discussion session....
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