Case Study 2 - The two competitors that I have written...

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The two competitors that I have written about are Wal-Mart® and Target®. I chose to write about these two close competitors because their operating format is very similar. Wal-Mart® was the first store format to open a supercenter to offer one stop shopping. Target® later followed after seeing Wal- Mart® needed to have competition as a means of preventing a monopoly. I will be discussing the similarities between the two and differences as well as the individual marketing strategies. Wal-Mart was first opened its first Supercenter in Washington, MI in 1988. This specific retail chain was the idea of Sam Walton who wanted to reach out a blue collared clientele. He also realized that for any kind of retail or grocer they needed to have their own private distribution system. Wal-Mart® has one of the largest expansion rates of any retail/grocer with an annual growth rate of 15%. Target® was first opened its first Super Target® in Omaha, Ne in 1994. The group that Target ® tries to reach is the more expensive, more stylish and higher quality demanding consumer. Target® like Wal-Mart® to be successful needs to have its own private distribution center. Another similarity that both chains have is a pharmacy and a source of nourishment. Both chains reach a different consumer while offering the same products just at different price equivalencies. The differences between Target® and Wal-Mart® are numerous starting with the very simple all the way up to the most complex. Starting with each stores own brand, Wal-Mart® offers the Equate®
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Case Study 2 - The two competitors that I have written...

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