Lab 1, lab 2,4

Lab 1, lab 2,4 - Lab 2 Part A C & F Purpose: To reproduce...

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Purpose: To reproduce generate and accurately detect static electricity, come to understand some of the differences between insulators and conductors. Discover two types of electric charge, and electrical discharge and its relation with optical phenomena. Observations Lab2 : Part A 2) We found that the metal road, plastic, and paper were attracted to the pvc pipe and the foam but only on the places where they were rubbed. 3)When we brought the charged object into contact with the electroscope the needle when horizontal to start but wobbled back and forth till it reach about a 45* angle and from there started slowly going back to vertical. 5) When a charged object was brought near the aluminum strips the repelled from each other slightly. 6) The can rolled towards the charged object but once they made contact it stopped rolling. Part C 1) The electroscope needle moved when the charged foam was placed on the pie pan. 2) When someone placed their knuckle near the top of the electroscope it got shocked and
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Lab 1, lab 2,4 - Lab 2 Part A C & F Purpose: To reproduce...

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