philosophy mid term

philosophy mid term - Page 1 Section 1 Chapter 2 What is it...

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Unformatted text preview: Page 1 Section 1 Chapter 2 What is it like to be? 1) In this chapter we discuss what it’s like to be ourselves, someone else, or an animal. As well, Blackmore explains about subjectivity and qualia, saying that our quale is our own personal sensations. We also use thought experiments to explain certain situations which might be helpful in explaining our thoughts. 2) When focusing on what it’s like to be ourselves we can explain down to the very last fact what it is like to be us. However, we cannot explain what it is like to be someone else because we are not that person and have not been in their shoes. We might be able to ask them and have them tell us what it is like to be themselves, but it would not be as concise as just being that person. Any form of reading their brain would not be as complete as well due to many reasons, however it is mainly due to the fact, we don’t know that person. As for being an animal, scientists now know how the act, and we can simulate what it is like to be them, we just don’t know what it is like in real life, because we only know what it is like to be ourselves and only us. No one knows what it would be like to be us and the same goes for being an animal. We only know ourselves and nothing else. As for quale we experience our own differently. Our quale is how Page 2 we experience the world to ourselves. Quale is our own sensations, and everyone else experiences these differently. Qualia can be enhanced by certain drugs. Many individuals use Marijuana to enhance Qualia, or at least they think that’s what it is doing. One might use the drug to enhance the sensation of being hungry or being relaxed. However, Qualia is experienced differently by each and every person. Two people might smell eggs in the frying pan, and each one would tell a different story of how they experienced the smell and the taste. Blackmore also discusses thought experiments to explain a point. One experiment was Mary the color scientist. Mary lives in a time in the future where neuroscience is complete. She specializes in neurophysiology of color vision. She knows all there is about color perception. So say we locked Mary in a black and white room for all her life. When let out say we give her a banana, however it is blue. Will Mary realize that she is being tricked or will she know?...
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philosophy mid term - Page 1 Section 1 Chapter 2 What is it...

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