Exam 2 Review FL07

Exam 2 Review FL07 - Data warehouses, data mining, ETL,...

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Ch.5 Hardware- bit, byte, CPU, Control Unit, ALU, CPU speed factors, RISC/CISC, virtualization Primary and secondary storage, storage capacities Software-system software, application software, utility software Enterprise architecture- infrastructure architecture, application architecture, information architecture and elements associated with each Disaster recovery-cost curve, hot/cold sites Ch. 6 Relational databases, entities, attributes, primary key, foreign key Logical relationships/views vs. physical storage of data Advantages of databases DBMS and components, functions of each Forward and backward integration
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Unformatted text preview: Data warehouses, data mining, ETL, cleansing data Ch. 7 LAN, WAN, MAN Role of architecture, topologies, protocols, media in networks P2P, client-server architectures The different topologies Role of protocols and interoperability Packet switching, routers Guided/Wireline/cable media vs. wireless media Ch. 8 Basic elements to manage in a supply chain Factors driving SCM, bullwhip effect Reasons why SCM is important Four components that IT can impact in SCM, important considerations in each, strategies for efficiency vs. effectiveness in each component....
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Exam 2 Review FL07 - Data warehouses, data mining, ETL,...

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