Assignment_4 - 1 Why do you think typically UHF and Active...

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1) Why do you think typically UHF and Active tags are being used for patient tracking in hospital? Active UHF tags are used for tracking patients in hospitals to endure signal interference among metallic objects (low thermal expansion of a liquid crystal polymer) and fluids and penetrate through walls of the hospital unlike passive tags, GPS or commonly used ultrasound waves. 2) Explain what is Geo-Fencing Geo-fencing creates a zone filtration at each reader wherein multiple readers help pinpoint the tag and track it back down to the location and movement of the tag. It also helps determine if a certain object has left boundary area based on geographic locality or authorization status. As an example, geo-fencing can be restricted to the prisoner in jail in certain areas. The prisoners tag will trigger an alert protocol if particular areas of the jail are breached. Such areas may include for example the warden’s office or outside parameters of the prison. 3) Explain the principle of SAW technology as mentioned in Hospitals Geo- Fencing slide Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology is used to identify, track, and catalog tagged items where long read ranges are required. SAW is acoustic waves migrating along the surface of a material have some type of elasticity with amplitude that usually decays exponentially with the depth of the substrate. This particularly used for electronic circuits wherein the transfer of electrical to mechanical energy is accomplished by the way of piezoelectric crystals with reflectors. When the external radio energy is transferred to a sound wave circulating along the facade of the tag, every position mirrors a division of the signal back. The spacing of these echoes designates the locality and comparative arrangement of each echo. Therefore, the position of each echo can then be
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Assignment_4 - 1 Why do you think typically UHF and Active...

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