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Assignment #6 2/24/2008 Middleware 1) How is middleware performance improved by incorporation of Edgeware? Provides a foundation for scalability from a simple RFID printer to an automated installation. Level of redundancy that will allow intelligent operation through event-based workflows. Processes, filters, smoothes, and aggregates data with persistent data (events of alerts) with multiple readers Transports useful information to enterprise systems Provides faster throughput and data transfer. Filtering double tag reads The edgeware cleanses the data of any read errors and multiple readings not already cleansed by the readers and buffer it in a database.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) What are reader networks? A reader network is a network that connects the readers to each other and to the central computer. In addition to simply relaying information to the central computer, the reader network also makes it possible to develop inter-reader cooperation techniques for efficiently accessing the RFID tags, and dealing with redundancy in tag data. A reader network also can generate a vast quantity of data to be analyzed by a central computer system. To decrease energy usage and access efficiency, it is desirable if the amount of data communicated can be reduced without degrading the quality of decision-making....
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