Heart LH 08 - Heart & Circulation May 13th & 14th, 2008...

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Heart & Circulation May 13 th th , 2008 What to Prepare for Class Readings and Information Chapter 20: The Cardiovascular System II: The Heart (pp. 562-583) Chapter 21: The Cardiovascular System III: Blood Vessels (pp. 586-627) APR – Cardiovascular System Dissection: look at all of the dissections - focus on the thorax and heart anatomy and look at the other regions to see the blood vessels. Who drew this? Animation: all of the animations are helpful but you do not need to watch hemopoiesis, hemoglobin breakdown and capillary exchange. Histology: none Radiology: all of the radiology is good for review Fun website for actual heart sounds: http://www.wilkes.med.ucla.edu/inex.htm Read about how CPR works ( http://depts.washington.edu/learncpr/ ) Something to think about BEFORE class 1. Explain why it is so important to treat a strep throat with antibiotics in a timely manner. Wait - aren’t we talking about the heart?? We are! Confused? See Table 20.1 on page 579. 2. Gloria, a 55 year old woman goes to the doctor for her annual checkup. Her blood pressure is 160/90 and she is diagnosed with hypertension. What is a normal or healthy blood pressure? How does hypertension affect blood vessels and the heart?
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Heart LH 08 - Heart & Circulation May 13th & 14th, 2008...

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