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Respiratory System May 21 st , 2008 Preparation for Class Readings and Information Chapter 23: The Respiratory System (pp. 685-713) in Human Anatomy , Saladin APR – The Respiratory System Dissection: all Animation: all except “Partial Pressure” Histology: none Radiology: all Something to think about BEFORE class 1. Some concepts to review – serous & mucous membranes (pp 97-98), the muscles of respiration (pp 299) and pulmonary blood circulation (pp 595). 2. Jesse got stabbed between the ribs and the knife pierced his lung tissue. Name the layers of the pleura that the knife went through from superficial to deep. His left lung collapsed. Describe what that means anatomically and understand why it happens. How do physicians treat a collapsed lung? Lecture & Reading Objectives - by the end of class, can you…. Outline the location and general functions of the parts of the respiratory system – nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs (pg 654, Fig 23.1).
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