Lymph LH 08 - can you… • Discuss the function of the...

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The Lymph System May 15 th , 2008 What to prepare for Class Readings and Information Chapter 22 : The Lymphatic System and Immunity (pp. 630-651) APR – Lymphatic System Dissection : tonsils, thorax, breast and axillary nodes Animation : lymphatic system overview Histology : none Radiology : there is only one so check it out - lymphogram Something to think about BEFORE class 1. What would happen if we had no lymph system? 2. Mary Jane was doing a self breast exam one month when she found a little pea shaped lump in the upper outer quadrant of her left breast. It turned out that this lump was a ductal carcinoma and her physician removed the tumor along with the axillary lympy nodes that contained some malignant cells. Several months after her surgery, Mary Jane started noticing that her left arm was very puffy and swollen. What is the cause of her condition? Is there any cure for lymphedema? Lecture & Reading Objectives – by the end of class,
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Unformatted text preview: can you… • Discuss the function of the lymphatic system and list its components (pp 630-634, Fig 22.1). • Explain how the uptake of tissue fluids to lymphatic vessels occurs (pp 631-34, Fig 22.3). • Describe the relationship of blood vessels to lymph vessels (pp 633-34, Fig 22.5). • Outline how lymph gets back into the bloodstream (pg 632, Fig 22.6). • Describe the location and basic functions of the tonsils (pp 640-43, Fig. 22.14). • Describe the anatomy of a lymph node (pp 637-39, Fig. 22.11-13). Explain their function. • Explain why lymph nodes become inflamed (pg 639 & Insight 22.2). • Locate these principle groups of lymph nodes on yourself and a diagram: cervical, axillary & inguinal (pg 639, Fig 22.11, 22.13) – note that you can not feel lymph nodes unless they are inflamed but you should know where they are located. • Discuss how cancer cells metastasize through the lymph system (Insight 22.2)....
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Lymph LH 08 - can you… • Discuss the function of the...

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