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UrinarySystemLH08 - Urinary System May 28th 2008...

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Urinary System May 28 th , 2008 Preparation for Class Readings and Information Chapter 25: The Urinary System (pp. 708-725) in Human Anatomy , Saladin APR – Urinary System Dissection : all Animation : urinary system overview, kidney gross anatomy, kidney microscopic anatomy, urine formation and micturition reflex Histology : none Radiology : all Something to think about BEFORE class 1. Why are urinary tract infections more common in women than men? Lecture & Reading Objectives - by the end of class, can you…. Name and locate the organs of the urinary system – kidneys, ureters, bladder & urethra (pg 708-709, Fig 25.1 & 2). List the main functions of the kidneys (pg 708-9). Describe the location and structure of the kidneys. Be sure to understand the relationship of the kidneys to neighboring organs (Fig 25.1 & 2). Describe the gross anatomy of a kidney: hilum, renal cortex, renal medulla, renal column, renal pyramid, capsule, major & minor calyx, renal papilla, renal pelvis, ureter, renal fascia, adipose capsule and renal sinus (pg 709-10, Fig 25.2 & 3).
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