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IR midterm guidelines

IR midterm guidelines - 1 Collating IR 100 Midterm Review...

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Collating IR 100 Midterm Review Part I Identifications On the midterm, you will have to describe the significance of fou r of the following. Each of your answers will be worth ten points. Abcde= Class Notes Abcde= ppt notes Abcde= Online/Wikipedia Notes Abcde= Review Session Notes For Studying ID’s: Look at Who, What, Where, When, Why and try to answer these questions in the sentences. 3 phases of the war of independence Phase of Revolt: ends w/ declaration of independence 1776 (destructive) o General George Washington leader continental army o Battle of Lexington o British Surrender at Yorktown 1781 Phase of the States: ends w/ constitutional convention 1787 (constructive) o Goals of setting up state governments, reduce authority of elected governors, separation of powers o Articles of confederation constitution Phase of Nation: ratifying and implementing the constitution post 1787 (debate whether constructive or destructive) Phase of revolt was the first phase…. 4 phases of World War I War of Illusions o Military theorists thought that offensive would have advantage o But advances in artillery meant that defense had the advantage; troops had to dig trenches in their own defense o Trenched moved very slowly stalemate Stalemate o Early tanks made little difference (although there was more movement on Eastern than on Western front) o Turned into bloody stalemate by 1915 Slaughter o Life and death in the trenches, disease from terrible conditions o Deadly Gas o Trench fighting bloodbath o 20,000 + Die at Berdun Revolution and Peace o Military dictatorship in Germany, 1918 Germany surrender and people didn’t know why because the dictatorship made them think they were winning o 1917 Russian Revolution, rise of Lenin o US entry 1
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4 phases of World War II o Hitler’s War, 1939-1940 o 1936 remilitarized the Rhineland o 1938 annexed Austria (no resistance) o 1939 invaded Czechoslovakia o 1939 invaded Poland o 1940 conquered Low Countries and France o Goal: to expand military power and conquest o Churchill’s War, 1940-1941 o Central goal: o Survive long enough to convince US to enter the war o Drew on all of his diplomatic skills, and fact that he was half American o Stalin’s War, 1941-1944 o Goals: o Survive betrayal by Nazi allies and invasion, 22 June 1941 (Operation Barbarossa) o Repel Germans from Soviet territory o Convince British and American leaders to open a second front in Europe o Roosevelt’s War, 1941-1945 o Merged two wars (allied land war in Europe, solo naval war in Asia) into one war o Emerged victorious, leaving US stronger at the end than at the beginning of the conflict o Roosevelt had to move the nation into willingness to go to war American Exceptionalism o American exceptionalism during the Cold War was often cast by the mass media as the American Way of Life personifying liberty engaged in a battle with tyranny as represented by communism . o
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IR midterm guidelines - 1 Collating IR 100 Midterm Review...

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