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homework3ans - b Cross 1 WW X O X O x ww X o Y Cross 2 W w...

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Practice Questions – Quiz Section 3 Reminder : LOF or GOF is defined by comparing what the mutant allele does with what the wild type allele of the same gene normally does. 1a) LOF - Failure to export cysteine allows cysteine to accumulate resulting in phaeomelanosome production. b) LOF -Loss of melanocortin binding resulting in only phaeomelanosome production. c) GOF - Overactive s protein 2a) Independent assortment - W is on an autosome and “O ” is on the X.
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Unformatted text preview: b) Cross 1: WW X O X O x ww X o Y Cross 2 : W w X O X o x ww X o Y 1/8 th of the progeny of the second cross should be tortoiseshell c) Normal Males should only have one x (with one “O” allele). Tortoiseshell male could result from Nondisjunction in either mother or father to produce an aneuploid egg or sperm and thus an aneuploid offspring as well. ** note a consideration of an improper crossover and the SRY region might also explain this cat....
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