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GPS 136 Lecture 01-29-08

GPS 136 Lecture 01-29-08 - GPS 136 Lecture Verdon(France...

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GPS 136 Lecture 01/29/08 Verdon (France) Very important for france to win. Located on the border between germany. 1,000,000 people dead British secret agreements during WWI o To keep the other countries involved in the was o Many conflicted with other countries o Sykes Picot Agreement Promised France portions of Syria and Lebanon. As well as Russia. Promised Constantinople and straits of phosphorus. _____________. Italians promised rights to sultan in Libya and some of the Ottoman Empire. Russia promised 60,000 sq miles of Iran. As long as allies had free passage. British were already in Egypt. Imperialism after WWI continued, mostly at gunpoint Boundaries of Libya do not make sense because of the tribal areas Russian revolution caused great concern by the allies o Peasants were drafted in large numbers o Russian church would do a mass for the soldiers before they departed o Russian front was failing during the initial phases of WWI o
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