GPS 136 Lecture 01-31-08

GPS 136 Lecture 01-31-08 - Imperialistic expansion o...

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Book Says that women should not join the military/ police force o Defined roles o Has changed drastically recently After WWII all the women laborers were fired to provide jobs for the returning soldiers Algeria, Muslim country, war of independence 1952 with France o Worrier women played a big role in smuggling weapons etc. o We did not fight this war, to have our women become like French women Israel o Women helped in the initial phases of starting the state o But after the state was formed, they were put back into their original roles Golda Mir, married, very tough and smart prime minister o So was Margaret Thatcher Jimmy Carter was first president to put pressure on armed services to ease laws on women in the military o Women are now an essential part to the military Armed services are still reserved in allowing women to join Just war and the justice of war
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Unformatted text preview: Imperialistic expansion o Britain o France o Spain • Religious reasons o Pakistan and India o Religious war o 30 year war (west Phalia) o Israel and Palestine • Security • Ideological War o Vietnam US didn’t go for financial reasons US believed in the Domino effect • One country after another will fall to communism 5 presidents • Truman • Kennedy • Johnson (sent the most troops) • Nixon o Korea Divided in 2 after WWII North was communist o US fought against the spread of communism o Afghanistan • Iraq war of 1991 o US got involved mostly for economic reasons • Succession in Nigeria, Afran war. • • Ethnic Cleansing o Bosnia/ Kosovo Milosevic • Died before o Rwanda o Darfur o Cambodia Stalin’s non aggression pact • Paranoid • Killed many • Sent many to Siberia •...
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GPS 136 Lecture 01-31-08 - Imperialistic expansion o...

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