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Name: __ Solution _____ Homework 7 ISE 382 Introduction to Computer Systems 15 points Due Date – Friday April 14 th Answer Marcia’s Dry Cleaning - Parts C through Q on page 65 (1 point each) Marcia's Dry Cleaning is an upscale dry cleaners in a well-do-do suburban neighborhood. Marcia makes her business stand out from the competition by providing superior customer service. She wants to keep track of each of her customers and their orders. Ultimately, she wants to notify them that their clothes are ready via email. To provide this service, she has developed an initial database with several tables. Three of those tables are the following: CUSTOMER (Phone, FirstName, LastName, Email) INVOICE (Number, DateIn, DateOut, TotalAmt, Phone) INVOICE_ITEM (Number, Item, Quantity, UnitPrice) Code SQL statements to produce the following information: c. List the Phone and LastName for all customers with a FirstName of 'Nikki'. SELECT Phone, LastName FROM CUSTOMER WHERE FirstName = 'Nikki'; d. List the Phone, DateIn, and DateOut of all orders in excess of 100. SELECT Phone, DateIn, DateOut FROM INVOICE WHERE TotalAmt >100; 1
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e. List the Phone and FirstName of all customers whose first name starts with 'B'. The correct SQL-92 statement, which uses the wildcard %, is:
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Homework_7_Solution - Name: _Solution_ Homework 7 ISE 382...

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